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How To Locate Egg Donor Agencies For Assistance

20 Jun

Having a child can be an incredibly rewarding experience that some women sadly do not get to experience. This could be due to a number of different aspects or events that could have taken place throughout her lifetime. Some women never seem to find the man that they can fall in true love with and start a family with, which can be difficult but this certainly does not mean that a woman cannot have her own children. Even couples are finding that they can increase their chances of having a baby when they sign on with egg donor agencies. These locations offer a number of different options as well as helpful information that will point anyone in the right direction.

Before going through or even starting with the process, be sure that this is being done for the right reasons. It is not uncommon for people to act on impulse and individuals will need to make sure that they sit down and they weigh out all of the options that are currently available to them. Couples who are considering this option need to discuss everything with each other and ensure that both are going to be there for the new child as well as for each other 100 percent. This is a very big commitment that is being made and when one person starts to self doubt or even second guess the other, it might be best to wait it out or keep thinking about looking into options. Single mothers have to bear all of the parental work on their own, which could be nice for those who want to parent in their own way, but it can also be exhausting. Make sure that now is the proper time to be taking this step before actually doing it.

When the search begins for the actual egg donor agencies, there are a few different ways to get in touch with various services. Referrals from friends and co workers might be the best way to seek an agency. Knowing someone who has already gone through the process will make it easier as well as less stressful or nerve wracking. There are also various support groups and even online help that will give individuals the tools that they will need to go through with the process and find a location that they will be able to come to know as well as trust throughout the entire process, up until the child is actually born.

If there are no referrals to take advantage of, then look through online directories for all sorts of help. These directories will list off all of the egg donor agencies that are currently available as well as where they are currently located. Searching by the city and state, or even by the zip code will make the search go by much quicker and will plug people into the proper lists and other helpful resources. Take note of the ones that might be closest as well as the locations that are highly rated. The ones that are known for caring and effective or even successful service are typically the companies that people will want to work with. Certain directories might also offer reviews to show newcomers what they might be in for or what to expect when signing on with a specific location.

The costs can be quite staggering when it comes to getting set up with a donor. However, couples who want to have the child bad enough will be able to have a much higher chance when they go through the entire procedure. Talk with various offices in order to get an idea of what is actually involved as well as what it will cost. Certain offices might take payments, but they will need to be paid within close proximity to each other. Insurance is usually out of the quest as well, depending on the policy that the couple has taken out. Look into the various options and costs and then start making the proper financial plan after that.

As for the overall reputation of the agency, that is where these reviews will come in. Talk with various individuals about the process and which agencies are currently rated the highest. Caring agencies are often easy to get into and will offer numerous features as well as special care options that will make everyone feel comfortable as well as ready to go. Getting a firsthand look and talking face to face with the directors of some of these facilities is going to shed some light on which route to take, and will enable individuals to ask questions and interview as needed.

Once the process has begun, the results should start shortly after that. It is important to remember that it might not take the very first time around with some women, which can be very frustrating but do not get discouraged. Go for it once more and make sure to continue to see the right practitioner for help and support. The agency will be very encouraging as well as supportive so that should make the individual feel much more comfortable with going through with the process again. It might not be easy at first and there will surely be some ups and downs, but supporting each other and implementing proper forms of outside support will make the process and the tough times easier.

Trying to have a baby can be a challenge for some couples, but most have been able to get over the hurdles alright. Checking out different egg donor agencies will enable anyone to learn about the process as well as what is will take to not only have the baby but to become a donor as well. Millions of women are stepping up to donate their eggs so that another woman will be able to have the child that she has always dreamed about. Take some time to look into reliable and reputable companies in order to receive the right kind of care and service that is expected


Choosing a Jewish Egg Donor by Michael Feinman, MD

14 Jun

When choosing an egg donor, it is understandable that women will want to select a donor who is similar to themselves in appearance and ethnic background.  As with many aspects of Jewish Law, what may seem obvious and desirable may not conform to rabbinical interpretations of the Law.  Ironically, since it is sometimes difficult to find suitable Jewish donors, these legal twists can actually help some people “let go” of their desire to work only with Jewish donors.

While Reform Judaism recognizes that parentage can come from either parent, traditionally most, but not all, rabbis have agreed that if a Jewish woman gives birth to the baby, that child is fully Jewish.  The Laws determining a child’s family and religion of origin were established thousands of years ago — long before genetic testing — and so Jewishness is passed from the mother who gives birth rather than from the genetic parents.

The following principles can guide most Jewish couples considering egg donation:

A Jewish donor is not legally required for a Jewish couple.  Based on the concerns about accidental incest and the legal status of eggs, a non-Jewish donor may actually be preferable.  Accepting this idea can alleviate much of the angst over trying to find a Jewish donor (which, again, can be difficult).

If a Jewish donor is chosen, she should be single or married to a non-Jewish man.  If she is divorced, she needs a Jewish divorce, including a “Get.”

The process of choosing an egg donor is different for every family.  There are an endless number of things to consider in making such an important decision.  If observing Jewish Law is a priority for theIntended Parent(s), then finding a Jewish donor is not as necessary as one might think.  Ideally, this will be helpful to some (as the pool of potential donors will be enlarged significantly).

– Michael Feinman, MD

Medical Director, HRC Fertility

CEO Information for Intended Parents of Gestational Surrogacy

1 Apr

Below are some general questions that Intended Parents often ask when considering Gestational Surrogacy. To set up an appointment with one of our wonderful staff members, use our contact information provided below.

How long will it take to find out gestational surrogate and make our match? It takes about 2-4 months to meet the ideal gestational carrier to build your family.

Are there any up-front costs involved? YES. There is no fee charged by The Center for Egg Options for a consultation appointment.  To view gestational surrogate  profiles, there is a fee of $5000.00(non-refundable).  The profiles shown to you are of carriers and their husband/partner that have completed their psychological screening, and have provided CEO with previous delivery records, insurance coverage information as well as her current pap smear results and a medical clearance letter from her current physician.

Where will our gestational surrogate deliver the baby? Your Gestational Surrogate will deliver the baby in her home state at the hospital of her choice or as agreed upon in advance by (you) all parties involved.

What kind of relationship will we have with our surrogate? It depends on what you and the Gestational Surrogate agree to. This can be discussed with the surrogate before you ever agree to work together, and The Center for Egg Options always try to match you with surrogates with similar expectations about post-birth contact.


Please call us with any additional questions and we would be happy to set up a free consultation!

The Center for Egg Options Illinois
3100 Dundee Road
Suite 101
Northbrook, IL  60062
Phone:  (847) 656-8733
Fax: (847) 656-8737

Meet the Recipients of Donated Eggs

10 Jan

Women who are the recipients of donated eggs must be infertile women, in stable relationships and in good health with one or more of the following challenges:

  • They may be menopausal and thereby have no eggs of their own with which to attempt pregnancy
  • They may be close to menopause, as indicated by blood tests and their response to medication
  • The quality of their eggs is poor as evidenced by their history of recurrent early miscarriages
  • They may have an inheritable (genetic) disease and an egg donation would allow them to be pregnant but not to pass this health problem on to their offspring
  • Women who have been through multiple (more than 3) attempts at In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF), GIFT, or other “high tech” infertility procedures without success
  • Women who want to get pregnant with In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) but do not produce a sufficient number of eggs themselves to make this procedure practical.
OR the Recipients may also be a gay couple or a single make in need of an egg donor and a Gestational Surrogate and also are in good health!
If you would like more information on assisting someone by donation your eggs, please contact us at     Tel: (847) 656-8733     Fax: (847) 656-8737

CEO’s Procedure for Intended Parents of Gestational Surrogacy

14 Nov

Here is a step-by-step overview of the process of using a Gestational Carrier to build your family:

STEP 1: Choose The Center For Egg Options Illinois As Your Agency

We’re confident in the program we have designed at The Center for Egg Options and are basking in our exceptional statistics so once you decide we are the agency for you, you will be asked to send in your Intended Parent Application and Questionnaire.

STEP 2: Choosing Your Surrogate

While we’re sure you have thought of most everything you are looking for in a surrogate, we will spend some quality time with you- personally going over some desirable traits you may or may not have thought of. You will then have the opportunity to review surrogate profiles with pictures until you find one that feels like your match. Each prospective surrogate profile includes a detailed medical history of her and her family over several generations, pictures (of her and any of her children), physical information, her interests, education, work, and medical history. You will choose your carrier based on the information you receive from these profiles.

STEP 3: Signing On With The Center For Egg Options Illinois

Upon choosing your surrogate, you will be required to retain The Center for Egg Options Illinois and at that time, your non-refundable retainer fee of $1,500.00 is due to reserve your surrogate. Included in this fee is the initial psychological screening.

STEP 4: Surrogate Interview

Upon selecting your potential surrogate, we will share your Intended Parent Application and Questionnaire with her. If she is interested in working with you, you will have the opportunity to speak over the phone in an anonymous conference call organized through The Center for Egg Options Illinois. We will provide you with some guidelines about issues that are helpful to cover in this phone interview. The Center for Egg Options Illinois will then schedule a personal interview (2 if requested) between you and your potential surrogate because we feel it helps increase the surrogate’s commitment to you and the program. Upon mutual agreement, you will take the next step together.

STEP 5: Contract Is Signed By You and Surrogate

Both you and your Gestational Surrogate will be referred to Attorneys that specialize in Reproductive Technology Law for contract review and drafting. Our Intended Parents, along with your legal counsel will submit an Agreement to the Surrogate’s Attorney for review. Once the Agreements are signed, the medical process may begin.

STEP 6: Insurance Review

The Center for Egg Options IL will assist your surrogate in finding medical coverage and offer some insight into the terms of the policy based on our previous experience. The surrogate‘s existing insurance policy will be reviewed for surrogacy exclusions and maternity coverage.


The Center for Egg Options Illinois requires all of our Gestational Surrogates to undergo psychological testing with a Licensed Social Worker or PHD Psychologist, including an MMPI-2, which is the most widely researched and clinically used of all personality tests. The Center for Egg Options Illinois will arrange the appointment and will receive a written report of results. The results will be shared with you. All of The Center for Egg Options‘ surrogates are fully screened BEFORE their profiles are distributed to any intended parents.

STEP 8: Medical Testing

Your physician consults with your Surrogate. Her medical evaluation will include lab work, pelvic exam, breast exam, a saline ultrasound to evaluate the lining of her uterus and all STD cultures required.

STEP 9: Fertility Treatment

The fertility treatment may vary between physicians, but generally includes ovulation suppression medication like oral contraceptives as well as Lupron® and estrogen for the uterine lining.

STEP 10: Embryo Transfer

At the time of the transfer, your Surrogate will be on a medication schedule of estrogen and progesterone. The number of embryos will be discussed and agreed upon by you, your Surrogate, your Physician and the Embryologist.

STEP 11: Pregnancy

The pregnancy will be monitored closely by your Reproductive Endocrinologist until the Surrogate is released to her Obstetrician for care through delivery.

STEP 12: Birth

The Center for Egg Options’ Surrogates always welcome their Parents at the appointments with the Obstetrician and especially at the delivery.

STEP 13: Baby Goes Home!!

Prior to discharge from the hospital, the nurses will teach you how to care for your baby. You will, in most cases, be able to spend time at the hospital with the baby after delivery. We inform the hospital of the surrogacy situation and they make every effort to assist you. Upon discharge to home, the nurse will clip baby bands that have matching information and have you sign that you are taking your baby Home!

FAQs on Becoming an Egg Donor Recipient via CEO

3 Nov

Can I arrange an egg donor who is ready for a transfer during my vacation next month?

 No. The prospective donor must have no less than 7 weeks from the date of her last period to complete a full cycle of fertility medications. After we’ve completed her medical testing we can give you a general idea of when the transfer can occur. Your treatment can be completed within between three and four months after you match with your donor.

Do all of your egg donors have proof of pregnancy in the past?

No. Ideal donor are between the age of 21-30. There are, however, many donor who have had a pregnancy and who have and don’t have college degrees who are very bright and follow our directions quickly and without difficulty. If you review their applications, they often had an unplanned early pregnancy and chose to have the child. Unfortunately, this prevented them from following any plans for further education. They may, nevertheless, be very intelligent.

Is there a difference between frozen and fresh embryo transfer pregnancy rates?

This factor differs by center, but the rate difference is quite insignificant due to the advances in technology and embryology.

Can I really be confident that my egg donor will continue in the program with us?

 There are never any guarantees, which is why we do such stringent screening. We spend a great deal of time explaining the program and the procedures and requirements to minimize this factor. The majority of the women we work with are kind, helpful, genuine and RELIABLE. If, however, she does change her mind, we will help you find another donor with no additional fee to The Center For Egg Options.

Procedure for Egg Donation Recipients the CEO Way

26 Oct

Here is a step-by-step overview of the process of utilizing an Egg Donor to build your family:

STEP 1: Egg Donor Selection

With The Center For Egg Options‘ consistent pool of 75+ stringently pre-screened egg donors and a network to hundreds of other donors nationally, The Center For Egg Options Illinois is one of the only agencies that allows a prospective recipient to view multiple profiles at a time with NO up-front fee until a candidate is chosen. Additionally, The Center For Egg Options does not maintain any wait lists and matches, as a result, are expedited. All we ask up-front is for you to fill out a Recipient Application so that we can understand what you are looking for in your donor.

STEP 2: Select The Center For Egg Options Illinois As Your Agency

We’re confident in the program we have designed at The Center For Egg Options and are basking in our exceptional statistics so once you decide we are the agency for you, you will be able to start reviewing donor profiles to choose from. Upon choosing a donor and the match being made through The Center For Egg Options Illinois, you will be asked to sign a retainer Agreement and pay a fee of $5,500.00 at the time of the match which includes: Psychological evaluation, Genetic Consultation, donor Insurance, donor Legal fees and administrative fees. This fee is due within 5 days of the match.

STEP 3: Psychological Screening And Genetic Consultation

First, your prospective donor will interview with a PHD or licensed Social Worker to discuss the emotional impact of egg donation. Then she will take an MMPI-2 Personality Inventory which will give us a more thorough psychological evaluation. Upon completing the psych screening, she will begin the medical testing with your Doctor and it will include a general consult with a full blood workup and pelvic ultrasound as well as a genetic screening with a counselor. Upon completing this consult, if all the results are compatible, the Prospective Parent’s Agreement and the donor Fee of $7,000.00 is due and the fertility treatment stage will begin.

STEP 4: Fertility Medication

Medications are required to synchronize your cycle with your donor. Individual protocol varies based on your cycle and your doctor.

STEP 5: Embryo Transfer

Your transfer will take place when your embryos have matured in the lab for either 3 or 5 days. This decision is up to you, your physician and your embryologist. While The Center For Egg Options may not hear from your physician’s office about your pregnancy results, we think about everyone of our Intended Parents. We would love to hear from you if do or do not become pregnant. There are often times when there may be a frozen embryo transfer that results in a pregnancy and The Center For Egg Options is not informed by your doctor. If you would like to let us know of the outcome of your cycle, please just give our office a call.

STEP 6: What Is Next?

If you need any further assistance in building your family, please don’t hesitate to call our office at any time. There is always special financial consideration made for our previous client’s and for those in need.

What if your pregnancy test is negative or in the case of a miscarriage?

If you have frozen embryos you can do a “frozen embryo transfer”. There would be no fees again to The Center For Egg Options or to your donor. The only fees due would be to your doctor’s office for the procedure itself.

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